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A Maple Tree in Dagestan

Abu-Isa Webb

When a Canadian reporter goes on a mission to one of the most dangerous reaches of the globe, he expects to find the answers to all of the questions brought up in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Instead he faces the impossibility of answering complex political questions in black-and-white print, and the more alluring question of how a Canadian Maple tree came to grow in an open field of the Dagestani foothills. Wrestling to balance his job with his life back home, he must decide how far his journalistic curiosity can take him before violence, intrigue or even love might carry him past a point of no return.

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Celebrate Ramadan

Jennifer Weiland

Celebrate Ramadan is Jennifer Weiland's first book; a kids activity book for the holy month of Ramadan that encourages children to explore the physical and spiritual world with daily activities and reflections carefully selected to keep them engaged throughout the entire month with activities from every part of the curriculum.

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Inheriting Christ

Tark El-Nimir

The first published work of well known researcher Tark El-Nimir, this book seeks the meaning behind complex concepts found throughout the bible through an interpretation that considers the Semitic roots of the teachings of Christ. By examining the original Greek language used by Jesus and his followers, as well as their context within a Semitic tradition, the very foundations of Christian thought including Pauline theology, the crucifixion and the nature of the New Testament in relation to other revelation are exposed, leaving the reader to make their own conclusions about the nature and reality of who the true inheritors of Christ's message are.

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The Clear Quran

Translated by Dr. Mustafa Khattab

The Clear Quran's easy to understand language make convoluted and contradictory footnotes a thing of the past, allowing readers to cruise through the book while also providing important context through its unique thematic headings. The translation, done by Dr. Mustafa Khattab, is approved by Al-Azhar University and highly recommended by scholars and educators in the US and Canada. The convenient Dawa Edition is an English only version of the Clear Quran that is compact enough to carry anywhere you go, making it a perfect gift or pocket-reference, where the exquisite Home Edition has a hard cover with a distinctive teal and gold finish and includes both the original Arabic Quran and the Clear Quran translation side-by-side.

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