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A Thematic English Translation. Pleasant to read. Easy to understand.



A ramadan activity book for kids.

About Siraj Publications

Though Canada is served by a number of Islamic presses already,we are in need of a publishing house that will promote an authentic Muslim-Canadian literary voice. Not only do Muslims number over one million in Canada, they are among the best educated demographics, consuming a large amount of local media. They also take up a disproportionate space in the media, demonstrating the interest that Canadians have in Muslims, but without a native outlet for both religious and non-religious publications these voices are distorted or lost entirely.

Community Impact

Siraj Publications is dedicated to improving our community through awareness and promotion of positive living, including literacy programs, book drives, community newspapers, and the distribution of free literature throughout Canada. Please contact us for more information about how you can participate or contribute by making a donation today.


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